AuraHD International Second Edition IPTV

Over 1000 satellitt kanaler over internett. Fjernlager, lev. tid 8-10 dgr. Fraktfri levering.

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Over 1000 kanaler via Internett:

russisk, tyrkisk, ukrainsk, polsk, engelsk, tysk, arabisk, kurdisk og så videre. Kanaler er jevnlig oppdatert og lagt til. Ingen satellitt-antenne nødvendig. Ingen årlige avgifter. Enkel installasjon.


Nytt i denne Second Edition versjonen: 30% raskere i kanal svitsjing og andre operasjoner, kanaler i grupper og WiFi-adapter inkludert.


Country/Language Stable channels (SQ) Changing channels (LQ)
Russian 64 80
Turkish 45 109
Ukrainian 27 17
Polish 24 7
Kurdish 13 4
German 10 46
English 0 64
Arabic 16 8
French 1 19
Indian 0 21
Spanish 1 7
Italian 0 10
Hungarian 1 5
Greek 0 5
Georgian 0 8
Czech 0 4
Bulgarian 0 9
Armenian 0 7
Lithuanian 0 2

Please Note! Stable channels (SQ) are more likely to last. Changing channels (LQ) are changed more often. These channels are only taken from open Internet sources which are subject to change from time to time. Also the number of the channels change in time. Please check the SQ channels list. The channels listed above are provided by 3rd party service OnlineTV. or AuraHD are not responsible for the channels and can not guarantee the channels or the continuity of the OnlineTV service.

Channels are regularly updated and added. You´ll find these channels in OnlineTV section. The provider of OnlineTV is using the statistics of views for all groups of languages. They may take away few channels, which had no views for past months, and add a couple of more popular and ranking channels. Channels are divided in SQ and LQ groups (these marks are placed near the language): It means that SQ channels have more stable and reliable sources. You can also order more channels from PlanetaTV, KartinaTV or BonusTV. Features: OnlineTV, PlanetaTV, KartinaTV, BonusTV, Youtube, Picasa, Flickr, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia,, ASK, Blogger, Gmail, Google, Lenta, Livejournal, Yahoo, Vkontakte, Gazeta, Liveinternet, Korrespondent, Liga novostej, Populjarnaja mehanika, Tochka, UBR,, Yandex, Yandex mail, Divan TV. 100% plug & play. All OnlineTV channels are only FTA (Free to Air) broadcasting. No monthly payments and no annual payments. You can also record and timeshift if you connect a USB HDD (check beside).

Check AuraHD International channel lists:
SQ channels
Russian channels
Ukrainian channels
Turkish channels
Arabic channels

Please note! You need to have at least 6Mbps internet connection. Use HDMI cable (included) if possible to get best picture. No finnish manual included. Frequently asked questions.

Please note! A much cheaper AuraHD is also sold for just ukrainian market. It´s channel list contains only 100 low quality channels and even those channels only work in Ukraine. Outside Ukraine, it has no OnlineTV channels. AuraHD International works anywhere and has much more channels.

Additional Information

Brand AuraHD
Manufacturer's description

International TV Without monthly fees

No dishes
No monthly fees
Via Internet

multimedia center AuraHD International S.E.

Compact device provides your TV with new opportunities, allows to watch your native television without fees and transforms your house into an entertainment zone. All you need is to connect it to your TV set and to the Internet.

Watch news, sports, movies, shows and TV series in your native language
Listen to world-famous radio stations
Access websites

Play your own media in FullHD format
Enjoy games

delivery pack

The device comes to you ready for action. All necessary items come with the multimedia center.


  • Services

    AuraHD International interface contains the most interesting interactive television and video services as well as provides direct access to the Internet resources which are popular among users.

    Focusing on the users’  needs and wishes  (depending on age and taste), we follow the development dynamics and ratings of content providers and online cinemas in order to  provide our customers with permanent access to content libraries. It’s important for us to satisfy all the requests of our users so we would gladly accept your opinion concerning our service.

    Through the feedback form you can leave your request to integrate a web service into the media player interface. We will examine the technical capability and add it to the next major firmware release .

    Let’s have a look at all the services available on Aura HD International

    Internet TV

      • Online TV

        Online TV is a unique application created especially for users of the multimedia center. All over the world you get a free access over 600 international channels in such categories as sport, news, movies, science etc. Our company cares about the quality of our services. We cooperate with leading content-providers to make your viewing the most comfortable.

        For your convenience all the channels were divided into two groups: SQ and LQ. SQ channels are provided directly from content-providers. The LQ channels are in free access in the Internet and were installed to the interface by our media group. The list of these channels is dynamic. We always test them to make sure if they are up to date and functional.

        The media group of Online TV welcomes any wishes or suggestions from our users. We regularly update the list of our channels to satisfy even the most delicate taste.

      • KartinaTV

        KartinaTV is Russian digital TV-provider with German quality standards. Today KartinaTV is broadcasting more than 100 popular Russian channels. You also get access to a large video library with thousands of films in it. All you need is to choose the most convenient way to watch them: on TV, on PC or using your Smartphone.


      • V-TV

        A distinctive feature of V-TV is a postpaid payment method: you pay only after using it for 31 day, when you could evaluate the quality of the services. The package contains over 100 rating Russian channels, 7 day “Archive” function and a large video library with more than 6700 new and popular movies in a good quality and affordable price. Activate V-TV on your multimedia center AuraHD International and enjoy your favorite TV programs.

      • RodinaTV

        If you miss your homeland than RodinaTV was made just for you. Choose the most convenient package containing 140 or 70 channels and enjoy perfect picture quality. You can use online movie collection with a lot of new and classic movies, 2 week channels archive, and time-shift function (so you’ll be able to watch a program at more convenient time ). Watch whatever you like anywhere you are and any time you want.

      • LighTVision

        LighTVision – is a modern interactive digital television provider . The broadcast package includes 120 channels in Russian and Ukrainian languages. Special attention is paid to sport and educational channels. Customer usability policy provides various tariffs and viewing methods: on a home computer, laptop, tablet, Smartphone or TV screen via set-top box. A large collection of Russian and foreign movies in conjunction with 10 day channels archive will help you to spend your time with pleasure.
      • Planeta TV

        Planeta TV - the project presents the idea of international Internet Protocol television, or inter-IPTV. It is International because it is not limited to one language group or nation and has no political or religious nature. Today, Planeta TV is broadcasting more than 110 television channels including the most popular Russian, Ukrainian and German ones. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by sound and picture quality.

      • Vintera.TV

        This application is available on every multimedia center. The broadcast package includes over 100 internet channels with free access. Russian public and entertaining are the most popular among them . You also can register on theVintera.TV website which will allow you to update your local provider’s playlist , to use other services of the platform and to get special offers.

    Usage terms of services offered by providers can be found on companies’ official websites.



    Online cinemas

      • MEGOGO

        MEGOGO is an online cinema with 20000 hours of video content. In its library there are movies, cartoons, TV series, shows and concerts for all ages and tastes. Besides, the most of MEGOGO collection is absolutely free for users.
      • Zoomby

        One of the biggest online cinemas among Russsian Internet entertaining resources.. Here you can watch your favorite movies, series, news, shows and other TV programs legally and with no fee. There are many thematic collections to fit every taste.
      • TVzavr

        TVzavr broadcasts legal video for free. The aim of the project is to give an opportunity for every customer to create a personal world of joy and entertainment. Also you can learn all the news about the movie straight from the tin even before it goes on screen. Watch best quality movies without any interruptions.
      • GalaktykaTV

        You’ll forget about satellite dishes, antennas and expensive equipment with GalaktykaTV. Watch Russian television all over the world. Over 100 TV channels, 30000 movies and series in HD quality, and more than 150 radio stations. Join us! Feel yourself home with GalaktykaTV

    Usage terms of services offered by online cinemas vary, depending on the type and relevance of content. More information regards of the tariff packages you can find on the official companies’ websites .



    Internat Services

    Photo and Video hostings

      • YouTube

        The world's largest video sharing service.
      • Picasa

        Most popular photo sharing site with free access.
      • Flickr

        Photo hosting with lots of social networking features.

    Social networks

    • Odnoklassniki

      The first social network for Russian users.
    • Vkontakte

    • Facebook

      Most visited social network in the world.
    • Twitter

      Microblogging service with the possibility of communication between the parties.
    • Blogger

    • Livejournal

    • Liveinternet

    • Google

    • Yahoo

    • Yandex


    • Gmail

    • Yandex mail

    • ASK


    • Korrespondent

    • Lenta

    • Tochka

    • Wikipedia

      Public universal multilingual online encyclopedia.
    • UBR

    • Populjarnaja mehanika

    • Gazeta

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